KTS America

KTS, Tone Resonant Titanium has refined Titanium to an even higher level of purity to create new tone-resonant guitar components that easily outshine all other bridge components. No other metal or material comes close to the tone-resonant qualities of Titanium. Since 1957 KTS has built products with passion and superb craftsmanship that will give your guitar more overall tone, natural harmonics, sustain, better response, more stable tuning and less string breakage!

In 1997, The Titanium division of KTS was launched by Hiroshi Masuda. Hiroshi, an avid guitar player quickly realized the advantages of Titanium and its ability to transfer sound energy. Hiroshi enlisted Dr. Matsumi Suzuki, President of the Japan Acoustic Laboratory and together have created Titanium guitar and bass bridge parts that specifically utilize every advantage that Titanium has to offer.

Unleash the dynamic tone of your guitar with KTS Titanium upgrades and you'll get richer highs, mids and meatier lows. The notes will seem to jump off the fret-board as you play with enhanced note definition, longer sustain, more stable string vibration and less string breakage. KTS Titanium simply resonates better and is a superior conductor of tone. Don't overlook the small parts of your guitar. Explore the capabilities of your instrument with KTS Tone Resonant Titanium upgrades.


More information on KTS, Tone Resonant Titanium can be found at www.kts-america.com.