AP International Announces Babicz Full Contact Hardware Distributorship

AP International is proud to announce exclusive distribution of Babicz Full Contact Hardware. Babicz hardware is designed to maximize and keep consistent contact between the vibrating guitar string and the guitar body as a resonator. Most conventional guitar bridges, especially after making adjustments for intonation and action, leave air gaps between the saddle and bridge, which greatly reduces the sonic integrity of the string. With Babicz hardware, you can adjust your action as high or low as desired without ever reducing contact of the string to the body, for maximum tone and resonance.

Their patented “eCam,” or encapsulated cam saddle design, on top of having increased string-to-body contact over 50 times (compared to conventional hardware), also allows for precise, instantaneous adjustments to your action that will stay locked in whatever position you leave them in; they will never shift out of place or sink while you are playing, thanks to the specially designed “String Height Lock” feature. Precise intonation adjustments are just as seamless, with most bridges also featuring the “Saddle Housing Lock” feature.

Babicz Full Contact Hardware, with body contact, precision and durability as their target, has already amassed support from many of today’s top players and has great potential to become the industry standard. The Babicz Guitar company was established in 2003 by Jeff Babicz and Jeff Carano, both of whom were the executive management team for Steinberger Guitars, but Babicz’ design for a bridge to keep the string and body permanently coupled was in the works even before their company’s establishment. After success with initial prototypes on Carano’s bass, the two found themselves applying the bridge to their distinctive Babicz acoustic guitar designs, as demand for them rapidly increased. Babicz’ innovative, patented guitar technology has since been enthusiastically accepted and popularized on a wide variety of instruments.

 For more information on Full Contact Hardware products, please visit www.fullcontacthardware.com