Floyd Rose Distributes Hollow Point Intonation System

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ – As Floyd Rose continues to innovate new and exciting applications of their double-locking tremolo system, they’re also vigilant for when an inventive idea comes along from an outside source. The company has recently picked up distribution of the Hollow Point Intonation System for Double Locking Tremolos, which is an aftermarket upgrade developed by Black Cherry USA certainly worthy of a place in the authentic Floyd Rose upgrades catalog. The upgrade will soon become available for direct purchase from FloydRose.com, and also become an optional upgrade for bridges designed in their online Custom Shoppe.

The Hollow Point Intonation System addresses the issue of difficulty in intonating Floyd Rose saddles, especially when under string tension; the system greatly reduces this difficulty and makes the process much easier. The system comes with six “Hollow Points” already installed on six brand new string lock screws (as well as three allen wrenches in all pertinent sizes for adjustments to the Floyd Rose), so it’s a simple matter of swapping the screws for the new Hollow Point intonation screws, which will allow for easy hand adjustments. In addition to reducing set up time, they also come in different finishes and add a unique appearance to the bridge. Further, the Hollow Point is made of solid brass, so they also increase the mass of the bridge and help to develop more sustain; they only need to be installed once, after which saddle position can be adjusted with ease. This upgrade will function on all authentic Floyd Rose models based on the time-tested Floyd Rose Original, which includes the 1000 Series Original, Special, Hot Rod and 1984 Tremolo Systems. {floydrose.com}