ProRockGear.com Launched!

We're proud to let you all know that ProRockGear has launched their first ever home on the web, www.prorockgear.com. ProRockGear is a leading brand under AP International, and while maintaining an active and successful presence through authorized dealers, we now also has the entire catalog available on a new and attractive homepage.

Created by some of the rock and roll world’s greatest insiders, ProRockGear makes some of the most durable and stylish music accessories available today, at very affordable prices. From wood, ABS, and polyfoam instrument cases to impervious rack cases and a wide variety of stands, we have an enormous variety of professional grade accoutrements with low consumer pricetags. With years of experience touring with the biggest bands in the world, ProRockGear delivers with consistency and experience—whether you’re playing in the garage or headlining a coast to coast tour, ProRockGear has the stuff that will keep your equipment safe and in tune.

To celebrate the launch, all new registered customers will receive 10% off their first order under $100.00, or $20.00 off orders over $100.00! To top it off, the first 20 orders over $50.00 will receive a free Floyd Rose T-Shirt!

Type in one of these codes at checkout to receive your discount!

10% off orders up to $100: LAUNCH10OFF
$20 off orders over $100: LAUNCH20OFF100