Tabasco T-Style Pickups

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With all of the familiar spank and twang of the earliest models, Grover Jackson tweaked the formula to give these T-style pups some added Alnico V flavor without losing their sought-after squashed savoriness akin to the original Broadcaster models. The Tabasco Tele-style has a slightly hotter output and a smoother high end making it a great choice for the modern player who wants the option to push their way up the Scoville scale.

As with all Habanero Pickups, the Tabasco Tele®-style pups are handmade in California with all top-shelf alnico V magnets, bobbins, and wire.

Note:? The neck and bridge pickups are sold separately. If you need both, please add them both to your cart.


Magnet DC Resistance Resonant Peak Wire String Spacing Output
Alnico V 7.8k Ω 1.6k 43 AWG Standard Vintage style Tele®
Alnico V 6.7k Ω 1.4k 42 AWG Standard Vintage style Tele®

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