Stone Tone L Sustain Block

Stone Tone
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These patented blocks are made of granite, and are designed to enhance and strengthen the sound of your tremolo-equipped instrument across the entire audio spectrum. Granite, when quarried in its natural state, is not only of an ideal density for the purpose of sustain, but also has a crystalline atomic structure which is ideal for sonic transference?Çöit requires no factory processing or dilution, and the natural change in sound, upon installation, is so drastic that signal loss from the guitar to the amplifier will be decreased by at least 30%. The blocks are crafted from Volcano Black Absolute Granite, the compression strength of which is 19,000 psi/130,000 kpa and the tension strength of which is 700 psi/4,800 kpa; this is the 4th densest material on earth, just behind Diamond, Carbon and Quartz! Comes with stainless steel sustain block mounting screws.

As with our Fat Brass L Blocks, these have been designed to take advantage of the unused area under the tremolo arm. Since this block is larger than a conventional sustain block, it can also limit upward travel of the tremolo and can be set to rest against the body in a blocked bridge configuration. For floating bridge setup this block may require some routing in the spring cavity.

"The Stonetone trem blocks are a whole new thing....I'm always pushing to see how I can improve the tone on my guitar so when I was approached about trying the Stonetone trem block for my Floyd Rose equipped guitar I was facinated. Well once I installed it I immediately noticed the difference. I would have never imagined that you could use stone for a trem block in your guitar. The Stonetone gives the guitar an added resonance and adds a lot more of everything and seems to focus the sound in some way.....I have since installed the Stonetone blocks in several of my main guitars with great results... a player's guitar tone is a very personal subjective thing and what works for some might not work for others but you really owe it to yourself to try one for yourself.....Hearing is definitely believing...... My only complaint is that I didn't think of it myself. ?áI have mine now go try a Stonetone trem block for yourself....?ánow!"?á-Ronny North

Other regular Stone Tone block users include Ira Black, Jeff Young, Jeff Loomis, Scott Gailor, Ronny North, Dave Reffet and more!

Grounding?áStrip Installation Details:

1. We recommend one side of the copper?áground?ástrip is in contact with the rock block.

2. We recommend that you?áground?áthis strip to the?áspring claw,?átone?ápot?áor?ástud post?áfor best results.

3. You can never have enough?áground..

?áInstalling the block

?á1. DO NOT use any type of drill to secure the mounting hardware of the rock block to the baseplate.

2. Make sure the?áStone?áTone?« logo on the block faces the ?ǣspring claw?ǥ ( front ) when mounting to the baseplate.

3. Optional*?á You can dab a little Loctite in each mounting hole or on the threads of the mounting hardware for heavy bar players.

4. Start with the center screw to a light snug following same for the left and right hardware before final tightening.

5. Once all 3 screws are snug in the baseplate, start tightening to ?ǣhand tight?ǥ repeat evenly always starting from the center.

6.?á You?ÇÖre all set!

These blocks will fit the Original Series 6 & 7-string, Special Series & 1000 Series 6-string, and the 1000 Series Pro 6 & 7-string tremolos.

To see what sustain block will fit your bridge, please see the?áUpgradable Sustain Block Fit Chart.

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