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Stop having your tone clawed away by that old spring claw!

The Tone Claw is a robust spring claw engineered with a locking clamp plate to lock the springs down at the hoop ends.  CNC-machined from solid brass and at 4x the mass of a traditional claw, the Tone Claw is designed to increase sustain and enhance tonal qualities while also aiding tuning stability by preventing the springs from shifting or popping out during heavy tremolo use.

With a traditional claw, the vibrational energy transferred from the sustain block through the springs dissipates as it reaches the claw because of the poor contact area between the spring hoop ends and the standard claw tabs as well as the thinness of a standard tin plate. The Tone Claw's locking clamp plate, in conjunction with the form-fitting posts (where the spring hoop ends connect), significantly increases the contact between the springs and claw.  Instead of ending its path, this vibrational energy from the springs is transferred into the Tone Claw and sent back through the springs and into the sustain block thus improving sustain.

Installation is easy and a direct swap for most existing spring claws such as those from Fender®, Floyd Rose®, PRS®, Ibanez, and many others.  The kit includes all hardware necessary for installation: four quality steel springs and two claw mounting screws. An adjustable ground soldering tab is also integrated which can be switched between two available mounting holes depending on the required orientation.  The claw is available in either raw brass or a nickel-plated finish.

For full dimensions, please see the PDF HERE.  Please measure your spring cavity to ensure a proper fit before ordering!

Kit Contents:
• (1) Tone Claw
• (4) Tremolo springs
• (2) Phillips-head claw mounting screws


"The Claw is the Law. Works great, super solid and adds stability." - Andy Sneap (Producer, engineer, Sabbat guitarist)

"I love those things! Makes a difference for sure!" - Gary Holt (Exodus, Slayer)

"These things are killer!! To me it feels like it tightened up low end in my tone. Cuts the mud somehow. I’m super impressed!"  - Steve Brogden (Tech)

"The Tone Claw is super stable, super chunky. It's like a piece of military hardware! All tremolo systems should have one of these!" - Ben Higgins (Musician/Guitar Instructor)


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