Pure Tone Mono & Stereo 1/4″ Barrel Jack
NEW long-threaded jack for mono and stereo applications!  35 mm (1.38") threaded shaft length / 40 mm (1.57") overall shaft length. This new panel-mount jack boasts full contact for optimal signal and lowest possible noise. Greater surface area at all contact points...
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PRG TSA ABS Rectangular Guitar Case
Now featuring the TSA-compliant trigger release latches! PRG ABS Cases are comprised of hard molded plastic with reinforced bumpers and reinforced aluminum valence to guard your cherished rig. Lightweight and extremely durable, your gear will be guarded from the stresses...
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Bonney Bridge Humbucker
With the spiciest output in the Habanero line, Grover Jackson's Bonney bridge pup is overwound to give it a meaty midrange while retaining a tight low end and crisp, piquant highs. Its singing clarity and rich harmonics cut through effortlessly...
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Serrano Single Coils
The Habanero Serrano Single Coils are Grover Jackson's own Texas-style, high output take on the classic designs from the 50?'s and 60's. Using Alnico III magnets, the fuller and warmer tones offer the right amount of fatness for the modern player...
from $74.99
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