Serrano Single Coils

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The Habanero Serrano Single Coils are Grover Jackson's own Texas-style, high output take on the classic designs from the 50?'s and 60's. Using Alnico III magnets, the fuller and warmer tones offer the right amount of fatness for the modern player while still retaining the chimey high end of the classics. The neck has warmer bubbliness, the middle pup harnesses a fatter midrange, and the bridge cuts through the tastebuds with stinging clarity unlike any other. And when combined in a set, positions 2 and 4 give off the prototypical out-of-phase chucks of yesterday with a distinctively modern flavor.

Grover also modified the staggering of the pole pieces to better suit modern neck shapes and string gauges than its vintage predecessors.

As with all Habanero Pickups, these single coils are handmade in California with all top-shelf alnico V magnets, bobbins, and wire. Set comes with (1) white and (1) black pickup cover to match most popular guitars.

Magnet DC Resistance Resonant Peak Wire String Spacing Output
Alnico III 6.5k Ω 1.6 42 AWG 52mm Vintage style Strat® single coil
Alnico III 6.5k Ω 1.6 42 AWG 52mm Vintage style Strat® single coil (RWRP)
Alnico III 6.9k Ω 1.4 42 AWG 52mm Vintage style Strat® single coil

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