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You've heard that unmistakable sound of a 1950's P90: the midrange bite, the sweet chime, and that hi-fi savoriness of the golden days. By rolling off the volume, they clean up nicely like the bar of soap they resemble. Grover Jackson added a little bit of his secret sauce to the recipe which results in richer harmonics while keeping that articulation and balance of the originals. Using Alnico V magnets, the Habanero P90's can easily push into heavier territory than their predecessors but can be dialed to mellow out for use in jazz, blues, rockabilly, and country.

The set comes with (1) black and (1) cream pickup cover. As with all Habanero Pickups, the Puya P90 is handmade in California with all top-shelf alnico V magnets, bobbins, and wire.

Note: Neck and bridge pickups are sold separately. If you need both, please add them both to your cart.

Model Magnet DC Resistance Resonant Peak Wire String Spacing Output
Neck Alnico V 7.0k Ω 6.4k 42 AWG 49.2mm Vintage style P90
Bridge Alnico V 8.6k Ω 6.2k 42 AWG 49.2mm Vintage style P90

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