Tabasco T-Style Pickups
With all of the familiar spank and twang of the earliest models, Grover Jackson tweaked the formula to give these T-style pups some added Alnico V flavor without losing their sought-after squashed savoriness akin to the original Broadcaster models. The...
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PR-08 For Tele 3pcs. style Bridge
Two-string per saddle model for the Telecaster® manufactured by Fender Japan®. Strings pitch is 10.8m/m. It can be attached to the USA manufactured Telecaster® as well. A slight string groove has been manufactured directly on the saddle. The screw is...
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PR-08Quattro For Tele 3pcs. style Bridge '68 style
Saddles from late 1954 were the plain steel barrel type with no grooves. They were .250” in diameter. After mid 1958 the plain steel saddles were replaced by the .250” diameter threaded saddles that remained a standard part until sometime...
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PR-08WD For Tele 3pcs. style (slant)
Facing in the string direction, the saddle adjusts obliquely to improve the octave tuning function which has previously been the drawback with the standard two-strings-per saddle model saddles. Stability improves for high position chords as well. It can be attached...
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PR-16 6-piece Tele Barrel Saddles
Discontinued 6-piece barrel saddles for Tele bridges. PR-16 Specs
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